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Florida A&M Rattlers Staff Directory

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Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
E. D'Wayne Robinson, Interim Athletic Director
Robin Wallace, Administrative Assistant (850) 599-3868 robin.wallace@famu.edu
Dr. Ebenezer Oriaku, Faculty Athletic Rep (850) 561-2733 Ebenezer.Oriaku@famu.edu
Fanorris Hayes, Business & Finance Operations Coord. (850) 599-3931 fanorris.hayes@famu.edu
Camelia Markland, Business & Finance Operations Coord. (850) 599-3935 camelia.markland@famu.edu
Giles Williams, Student Marketing Assistant (850) 599-38783441 giles1.williams@famu.edu
Darren Hinson, Maintenance and Grounds (850) 599-3983 darren.hinson@famu.edu
Willie Jones, Maintenance and Grounds (850) 599-3983 willie.jones@famu.edu
Greg Hankton, Equipment Manager (850) 561-2193 gregory.hankton@famu.edu
Athletic Advisors   Return To Top
Joycelyn Ellenwood, Athletic Advisor (850) 599-3868 joycelyn.ellenwood@famu.edu
Travis Green, Athletic Advisor (850) 599-3028 travis.green@famu.edu
Stephanie Thompson, Athletic Advisor (850) 561-2711 stephanie.thompson@famu.edu
Anthony Williams, Athletic Advisor (850) 561-2701 anthony.williams@famu.edu
Nakia DeBlanc, Compliance Graduate Assistant (850) 412-7250 nakia1.deblanc@famu.edu
Stephanie Kimbrough, Tutorial Coordinator (850) 412-7968 stephanie.kimbrough@famu.edu
Athletic Physicians   Return To Top
Edward Jackson, Sports Medicine Ortho Surgeon (850) 219-1932
Garrison Rolle, Sports Medicine Ortho Surgeon (850) 877-8174
Athletic Ticket Office   Return To Top
Regina Battle, Ticket Manager (850) 599-3141 wanda.battle@famu.edu
Jackie Butler, Cashier/Office Assistant (850) 599-3141 johnnie.butler@famu.edu
Jason Davis, Cashier/Office Assistant (850) 599-3141 jason.davis@famu.edu
Elizabeth Spivey, Cashier (850) 599-3141 elizabeth.spivey@famu.edu
Anthony Jordan, Box Office Student Assistant (850) 599-3141 jordan1.anthony@famu.edu
Zakiya Keith, Box Office Assistant (850) 599-3141 Zakiya.arnold@famu.edu
Virginia Pinkney, Box Office Volunteer (850) 599-3141
Toll Free Number, Toll Free Number (800) 843-0788
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Akima Abrakata-Dina, Head Trainer (850) 561-2621 akima.dina@famu.edu
Kyle Gaines, Assistant Trainer (850) 412-5974 kyle.gaines@famu.edu
Yadisha Ortiz-Torres, Assistant Trainer (850) 412-5973 yadisha.ortiz@famu.edu
Portia Williams, Assistant Trainer (850) 412-5973 portia1.williams@famu.edu
Boosters   Return To Top
Mickey Clayton, Director (850) 224-6093 MickeyClayton@TheRattlerBoosters.com
Rattler Athletics   Return To Top
Milton Overton, Director of Athletics (850) 599-3868
Sports Information   Return To Top
Vaughn Wilson, Interim SID (850) 599-3200 vaughn.wilson@famu.edu
Alvin Hollins, Assistant Sports Information Director (850) 599-3736
Deidre Butler, Administrative Assistant (850) 599-3723 deidre.butler@famu.edu
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Russell Barbarino, Director of Strength & Conditioning (850) 412-6509 russell.barbarino@famu.edu
Matt Yow, Assistant of Strength & Conditioning Coach (850) 412-6509
Danielle Lewis, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (850) 412-6509 danielle.lewis@famu.edu
Yero Smith, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (850) 412-6509 yero.smith@famu.edu
Baseball   Return To Top
Jamey Shouppe, Head Coach (850) 599-3868 jamey.shouppe@famu.edu
Bryan Henry, Assistant Coach
Brett Richardson, Assistant Coach (850) 599-3202 bretton.richardson@famu.edu
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Byron Samuels, Head Coach
Lamont Franklin, Assistant Coach
Bruce Martin, Assistant Coach
Men's Cross Country   Return To Top
Marc Small, Head Coach (850) 599-3868
Bryan Harmon, Assistant Coach
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
LeDawn Gibson, Head Coach (850) 599-3264 ledawn.gibson@famu.edu
Andrea Johnson, Assistant Coach (850) 599-8402 andrea1.johnson@famu.edu
Erik Rashad, Assistant Coach (850) 412-7390 erik.rashad@famu.edu
Bowling   Return To Top
Karen Brown, Head Coach (850) 599-3197 karen.brown@famu.edu
Alfred Brown, Assistant Coach alfred.brown@famu.edu
Women's Cross Country   Return To Top
Darlene Moore, Head Coach (850) 412-7957 darlene.moore@famu.edu
Tiffiny Morrow, Assistant Coach (850) 412-7957 tiffiny.morrow@famu.edu
Football   Return To Top
Alex Wood, Head Coach
Theo Lemon, Defensive Coordinator
Martin Spieler, Offensive Coordinator
Donald "DJ" McCarthy, Wide Receivers
Richard Solomon, Defensive Backs
Dennis Smith, Tight Ends/ Special Teams
Edwin Pata, Offensive Line (850) 599-3723 edwin.pata@famu.edu
Michael Vite, Linebackers
Steven Jerry, Running Backs
Walter Stewart, Defensive Ends Coach
Alex Dennison, Graduate Assistant
Alex Peffley, Graduate Assistant - Defense
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Marvin Green, Head Coach (850) 599-8813 marvin.greenjr@famu.edu
Mike Rice, Assistant Coach preston.rice@famu.edu
Softball   Return To Top
Veronica Wiggins, Coach (850) 599-8075 veronica.dotterywigg@famu.edu
Lori Goodart, Assistant Coach (850) 599-3239 lori.goodart@famu.edu
Eugenia Fernandez, Assistant Coach
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Carl Goodman, Head Coach (850) 599-3128 carl.goodman@famu.edu
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Rochelle Goldthreate, Head Coach (850) 561-2735 rochelle.goldthre@famu.edu
Alfred Koripamo, Assistant Coach (850) 561-2735 alfred.koripamo@famu.edu
Men's Track & Field   Return To Top
Marc Small, Head Coach (850) 599-3868
Bryan Harmon, Assistant Coach
Women's Track & Field   Return To Top
Darlene Moore, Head Coach (850) 412-7957 darlene.moore@famu.edu
Tiffiny Morrow, Assistant Coach (850) 412-7957 tiffiny.morrow@famu.edu
Volleyball   Return To Top
Tanio Trifonov, Head Coach (850) 561-2194 tanio.trifonov@famu.edu
Mariela Portocarrero, Assistant Coach (850) 561-2194 mariela.trifonov@famu.edu
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Brandi Tatum, Head Coach (850) 412-7860 famucheercoach@yahoo.com
Felicia Barnes, Assistant Coach (850) 561-2562 felicia.barnes@famu.edu


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