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Florida A&M Rattlers Staff Directory

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Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
E. D'Wayne Robinson, Interim Athletic Director
Robin Wallace, Administrative Assistant (850) 599-3868 robin.wallace@famu.edu
Dr. Ebenezer Oriaku, Faculty Athletic Rep (850) 561-2733 Ebenezer.Oriaku@famu.edu
Fanorris Hayes, Business & Finance Operations Coord. (850) 599-3931 fanorris.hayes@famu.edu
Camelia Markland, Business & Finance Operations Coord. (850) 599-3935 camelia.markland@famu.edu
Giles Williams, Student Marketing Assistant (850) 599-38783441 giles1.williams@famu.edu
Darren Hinson, Maintenance and Grounds (850) 599-3983 darren.hinson@famu.edu
Willie Jones, Maintenance and Grounds (850) 599-3983 willie.jones@famu.edu
Greg Hankton, Equipment Manager (850) 561-2193 gregory.hankton@famu.edu
Athletic Advisors   Return To Top
Joycelyn Ellenwood, Athletic Advisor (850) 599-3868 joycelyn.ellenwood@famu.edu
Travis Green, Athletic Advisor (850) 599-3028 travis.green@famu.edu
Stephanie Thompson, Athletic Advisor (850) 561-2711 stephanie.thompson@famu.edu
Anthony Williams, Athletic Advisor (850) 561-2701 anthony.williams@famu.edu
Nakia DeBlanc, Compliance Graduate Assistant (850) 412-7250 nakia1.deblanc@famu.edu
Stephanie Kimbrough, Tutorial Coordinator (850) 412-7968 stephanie.kimbrough@famu.edu
Athletic Physicians   Return To Top
Edward Jackson, Sports Medicine Ortho Surgeon (850) 219-1932
Garrison Rolle, Sports Medicine Ortho Surgeon (850) 877-8174
Athletic Ticket Office   Return To Top
Regina Battle, Ticket Manager (850) 599-3141 wanda.battle@famu.edu
Jackie Butler, Cashier/Office Assistant (850) 599-3141 johnnie.butler@famu.edu
Jason Davis, Cashier/Office Assistant (850) 599-3141 jason.davis@famu.edu
Elizabeth Spivey, Cashier (850) 599-3141 elizabeth.spivey@famu.edu
Anthony Jordan, Box Office Student Assistant (850) 599-3141 jordan1.anthony@famu.edu
Zakiya Keith, Box Office Assistant (850) 599-3141 Zakiya.arnold@famu.edu
Virginia Pinkney, Box Office Volunteer (850) 599-3141
Toll Free Number, Toll Free Number (800) 843-0788
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Akima Abrakata-Dina, Head Trainer (850) 561-2621 akima.dina@famu.edu
Kyle Gaines, Assistant Trainer (850) 412-5974 kyle.gaines@famu.edu
Yadisha Ortiz-Torres, Assistant Trainer (850) 412-5973 yadisha.ortiz@famu.edu
Portia Williams, Assistant Trainer (850) 412-5973 portia1.williams@famu.edu
Boosters   Return To Top
Mickey Clayton, Director (850) 224-6093 MickeyClayton@TheRattlerBoosters.com
Sports Information   Return To Top
Vaughn Wilson, Interim SID (850) 599-3200 vaughn.wilson@famu.edu
Alvin Hollins, Assistant Sports Information Director (850) 599-3736
Deidre Butler, Administrative Assistant (850) 599-3723 deidre.butler@famu.edu
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Russell Barbarino, Director of Strength & Conditioning (850) 412-6509 russell.barbarino@famu.edu
Matt Yow, Assistant of Strength & Conditioning Coach (850) 412-6509
Danielle Lewis, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (850) 412-6509 danielle.lewis@famu.edu
Yero Smith, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (850) 412-6509 yero.smith@famu.edu
Baseball   Return To Top
Jamey Shouppe, Head Coach (850) 599-3868 jamey.shouppe@famu.edu
Bryan Henry, Assistant Coach
Brett Richardson, Assistant Coach (850) 599-3202 bretton.richardson@famu.edu
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Byron Samuels, Head Coach
Donald Anderson, Assistant Coach
Lamont Franklin, Assistant Coach
Bruce Martin, Assistant Coach
Men's Cross Country   Return To Top
Marc Small, Head Coach (850) 599-3868
Bryan Harmon, Assistant Coach
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
LeDawn Gibson, Head Coach (850) 599-3264 ledawn.gibson@famu.edu
Andrea Johnson, Assistant Coach (850) 599-8402 andrea1.johnson@famu.edu
Freddie Murray, Assistant Coach (850) 599-3528 freddie.murray@famu.edu
Erik Rashad, Assistant Coach (850) 412-7390 erik.rashad@famu.edu
Bowling   Return To Top
Karen Brown, Head Coach (850) 599-3197 karen.brown@famu.edu
Alfred Brown, Assistant Coach alfred.brown@famu.edu
Women's Cross Country   Return To Top
Darlene Moore, Head Coach (850) 412-7957 darlene.moore@famu.edu
Tiffiny Morrow, Assistant Coach (850) 412-7957 tiffiny.morrow@famu.edu
Football   Return To Top
Alex Wood, Head Coach
Donald "DJ" McCarthy, Wide Receiver Coach
Dennis Smith, Tight Ends-SPecial Teams
Edwin Pata, Offensive Line Coach (850) 599-3723 edwin.pata@famu.edu
Steven Jerry, Running backs coach
Michael Vite, Linebackers Coach
Theo Lemon, Defensive Coordinator
Richard Solomon, Defensive Backs
Martin Spieler, Offensive Coordinator
Stephon Parker, Student Administrative Assistant (850) 599-3723 stephon1.parker@famu.edu
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Marvin Green, Head Coach (850) 599-8813 marvin.greenjr@famu.edu
Mike Rice, Assistant Coach preston.rice@famu.edu
Softball   Return To Top
Veronica Wiggins, Coach (850) 599-8075 veronica.dotterywigg@famu.edu
Lori Goodart, Assistant Coach (850) 599-3239 lori.goodart@famu.edu
Eugenia Fernandez, Assistant Coach
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Carl Goodman, Head Coach (850) 599-3128 carl.goodman@famu.edu
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Rochelle Goldthreate, Head Coach (850) 561-2735 rochelle.goldthre@famu.edu
Alfred Koripamo, Assistant Coach (850) 561-2735 alfred.koripamo@famu.edu
Men's Track & Field   Return To Top
Marc Small, Head Coach (850) 599-3868
Bryan Harmon, Assistant Coach
Women's Track & Field   Return To Top
Darlene Moore, Head Coach (850) 412-7957 darlene.moore@famu.edu
Tiffiny Morrow, Assistant Coach (850) 412-7957 tiffiny.morrow@famu.edu
Volleyball   Return To Top
Tanio Trifonov, Head Coach (850) 561-2194 tanio.trifonov@famu.edu
Mariela Portocarrero, Assistant Coach (850) 561-2194 mariela.trifonov@famu.edu
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Brandi Tatum, Head Coach (850) 412-7860 famucheercoach@yahoo.com
Felicia Barnes, Assistant Coach (850) 561-2562 felicia.barnes@famu.edu


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