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Brandon Hepburn poses with FAMU DRS first grader Dillyn Suggs.
Brandon Hepburn poses with FAMU DRS first grader Dillyn Suggs.
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Courtesy: Florida A&M Sports Information
Hepburn Gets Big Surprise At FAMU DRS Event
By: Florida A&M Sports Information  
TALLAHASSEE, FL (Oct.23) - Senior FAMU linebacker Brandon Hepburn is dedicated to community service. So much so, that when sports information director Vaughn Wilson asked him to go an read to FAMU DRS first graders, nothing was out of the ordinary. What ensued was anything but ordinary. Hepburn was in for the surprise of his life.

Wilson and Hepburn went to FAMU DRS, where Hepburn began interacting with the kids. He read them a story and began quizzing them. During the question and answer period, head coach Joe Taylor, position coach Earl Holmes, Assoc. AD Michael Smith, Asst. AD Faydre Hawkins-Brown, Exec. Director of the Rattler Boosters Mickey Clayton and Ray McKnight of the Allstate Insurance Company walked in.

"I was reading to the kids, and then out the corner of my eye I see coach Taylor and more people walking in. I knew something was up, because Mr. Wilson didn't tell me he had told anybody else about the community service project," Hepburn said. McKnight, Allstate Insurance Company Field Sales Leader, walked over and presented Hepburn the Allstate/AFCA Good Works Team award. It was a pleasant surprise to both Hepburn and the unsuspecting kids. The kids jumped up and started chanting "Go FAMU," to the pleasure of all adults within an ear's shout.

"Brandon is so focused on his tasks, that it was easy to pull this one over on him. I marvel at how well he took to the kids and embraced the moment with them. I think Allstate and the American Football Coaches Association got this right. He is one of the best all-around kids I've ever seen," Wilson said.

Members of the media, who were tipped off on the event, swarmed to get a word with the star. Administrators at FAMU DRS invited Hepburn back to read tot he kids once again. "He is such a good reader. You can tell that he is a very smart young," said FAMU DRS elementary department administrator Sandra Grant. "This is just great and these kids will never forget this day," she added.

Hepburn graduated from FAMU earlier this year with a b.s. in biochemistry, and is currently in the School of Business and Industry pursuing an MBA. He has stated that the combination goes toward his goal of one day owning a biochemical company.

On the field, Hepburn is the team's leading tackler and the captain of the defense. Professional scouts have been very interested in his achievements and are showing interest in his talents. "My goal is to continue to play football after college, but if that doesn't work out, then I'll have several options to consider," Hepburn said.

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