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By: Florida A&M Sports Information  

FAMU Will Be Closed Through Friday, New Information Announced


September 9, 2017

8:15 p.m.


This update includes new closure, weather, residential and employee information.



New Closure and Weather Information


The main campus will now be closed through Friday, September 15, 2017. Any events scheduled to take place on campus for the week of September 11-15, 2017 are canceled. There are specific locations designated authorized for use during this period of closure. Please do not attempt to access non-authorized spaces such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories, buildings, or other non-authorized locations during this period.


Tropical storm and hurricane warnings are in place for Leon County. This means heavy, storm-force winds and rain are expected to impact the area tomorrow night through Monday night. Some parts of the Tallahassee area may experience downed trees and power lines.


Residential and Dining Information


Local officials have posted a voluntary evacuation notice for Leon County. A voluntary evacuation is a type of evacuation where people choose to move to a perceived area of safety on their own. Students are welcome to remain in our residential facilities, and registered off-campus students with ID are invited to come to the Foster-Tanner Rehearsal Hall beginning today, September 9, 2017, for lodging and boxed meals. Off-campus students may bring their children, but must be responsible for their supervision. Essential personnel will be on site.


Should students residing on campus choose to evacuate, they are required to inform a residential employee before leaving or email famuhousing@famu.edu to notify staff for safety and accountability reasons. Leon County shelter information is available below and in the attached FAQs section.


Hot meals will continue to be served on the weekend schedule in the cafeteria/dining hall through Sunday, September 10, 2017. Contingent upon weather conditions, beginning Monday, September 11, 2017, Dining Services will be prepared to deliver boxed meals and water to student housing facilities. See the attached FAQs for more information.


Hurricane Preparedness and Instructions


Prior to the storm, students are asked to contact their parents or family members to advise them of their location and then again after the storm to inform them of their status.

Students are reminded to stay tuned to local news, www.famu.edu and www.famunews.com for updated information. Here are some instructions for on-campus residents:

  • Students must remain away from areas that can become dangerous during a storm, such as the glass windows and doors in the lobby areas of the residence halls or the living rooms of apartments.
  • Keep all windows and window blinds closed.
  • During a storm, a “state of emergency” exists; do not attempt to go outside.
  • Do not attempt to travel between floors in your building
  • All items should be moved away from windows. All loose objects should be removed from the floor or tops of tables or desks and secured in drawers or closets.
  • Ensure your medical prescriptions or other medical items you should need are accessible.
  • Only battery-powered lighting should be used. Candles or other open flames for lighting are not permitted under any circumstance.
  • Please do not attempt to have a “Hurricane Party.” Alcoholic beverages or other substances that impair judgment are prohibited and can be harmful in a state of emergency.
  • Boxed meals and water will be provided, in the event of a Hurricane or inclement weather. Do not attempt to leave your residence to obtain food during a storm.

After The Storm

According to Flash.org, during and after the storm, you should avoid traveling on blocked roads, avoid power lines, avoid sightseeing, and avoid metal objects. Walking in flooded areas is not advised because of numerous hazards including electrical issues. For more details, visit: http://www.flash.org/peril_inside.php?id=119.

Specific Residential Advisories for Storm Activity


  • FAMU Village - Close your room doors and take shelter in the bathroom/ entrance area of the suite
  • Paddyfote - Take shelter in the bathrooms with the doors closed
  • Sampson and Young - Take shelter in the hallways; ensure your room doors are closed
  • Gibbs - Take shelter in the hallways; ensure your room doors are closed
  • Truth - Take shelter in the hallways; ensure your room doors are closed
  • Palmetto Apartments - Take shelter in the apartment interior hallways or bathrooms with the room doors closed

In the event of a medical emergency call 911 or the FAMU Police Department at 850-599-3256

In the event that residential facilities are negatively impacted by the inclement weather and mandatory evacuation is required, students will be assisted with transportation to an identified Red Cross shelter.


Open shelters in Leon County include:


Emergency Responders on Campus 

To assist the state in emergency response, members of the Army National Guard and other emergency responders, will be utilizing our campus facilities, including Gaither Gym and the Lawson Center, as well as the dining services over the next several days, in order to ensure they are available to assist government officials with their efforts to help residents across the state who may have been impacted by the storm.


Employee Information

FAMU employees who are scheduled to receive a paper check by mail on the upcoming pay date has the option to report to the FAMU Business Center on Friday, September 15, 2017 from 9 a.m.- 10:30 a.m., to receive their check on campus, unless there are travel restrictions by government officials after the storm. For more information, email: joyce.ingram@famu.edu. Additional information is available in the attached FAQs and on the FAMU.edu Hurricane Update Page.


Attached are lists of frequently asked questions to help our campus community prepare in the event that the storm impacts our facilities. Please note, this information is subject to change, as updates are provided, so please check back frequently for information that may impact your preparations.





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