FAMU Alma Mater

College of love and charity

We gather 'round thy noble shrine;

We lift our voice in praise to thee,

And ask a blessing all divine.



FAM-U! FAM-U! I love thee

I'll fight and win what'er the battle be

The Orange and the Green thy Sons shall e'er defend

And loyal to thy voice of love attend

FAM-U! FAM-U! FAM-U! I love thee!


On gridiron, diamond, track and field,

Thy sons the vict'ry never yield¬-

And while they tread a broader life

Thy love shall stay them in the strife.


(repeat Chorus)


God ever keep us true to thee;

Thy faith that truth shall make men free.

Shall guide thy loyal sons aright

And fend them thru' the skeptic night.


(repeat Chorus)