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Athletic Center for Excellence
By: Florida A&M Sports Information  


The mission of the Florida A & M University Athletic Center for Excellence (ACE) is to promote excellence, enhance retention and increase graduation rates among student athletes while empowering student-athletes to develop independence, self-reliance, personal values, leadership skills and responsibility for themselves.


ACE Academic Support Services

ACE advisors are responsible for monitoring the academic progress of each student-athlete in the areas of eligibility and progress towards a degree. ACE Advisors assist with class scheduling and major selection and suggest tutoring where needed. ACE Advisors work closely with faculty and coaches to promote effective communication between all parties. ACE Advisors monitor study hall attendance and productivity, as well as checking class attendance and grades.

ACE Advisors at Florida A & M University also provide student-athletes with comprehensive educational services to meet the needs of each individual. The Athletic Center for Excellence (ACE) coordinates extensively with the Center for Disability Access and Resources(CeDAR) on campus to provide student athletes with testing and educational services based on their individual needs.

Goals of ACE Athletic Advisors

To help student-athletes earn a college degree...

By providing excellent academic facilities

By providing professional counselors

By providing tutorial assistance when required

By encouraging an atmosphere that results in academic achievement

To help student-athletes achieve personal development...

By optimizing appropriate social experiences

By exposure to professional seminars on topics related to success

By encouraging participation in University-sponsored student activities

By providing experiences which promote growth as an individual

By promoting community service as a way of life

To help student-athletes prepare for meaningful lives and careers...

By hosting formal career preparation seminars

By informal discussion sessions with employers in the private and public sectors

By recommending personalized assistance from the University’s Career Center

By coordinating interviews with prospective employers





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