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Rattler Netters Advance To MEAC Tennis Final
By: Florida A&M Sports Information  
NORFOLK, VA (April 21) – The FAMU Men’s Tennis team advanced to the finals of the 2017 MEAC Tennis Championships with a 4-1 semifinal victory over Morgan State at the Folkes-Stevens Tennis Center on the campus of Old Dominion University Friday afternoon.

Friday’s victory sends the Rattlers (10-11) into Saturday’s 12 Noon Men’s final against defending champion South Carolina State, a 4-0 victor over Norfolk State.

FAMU, which won its’ last title in 2000, is aiming to derail the Bulldogs tennis program, which has won the last nine Men’s titles, and is seeking a league-record 15 championships.

In Friday’s match, FAMU captured the doubles point as the duos of Courage Okungbowa and Karly Small won the No. 2 bout, 6-3, while Frederico Nani and Jalen Evans won at No. 3 doubles, 6-2.

In singles competition, FAMU clinched the match with wins by Okungbowa at No. 1, Walner Espinoza at No. 4, and Illya Skoromnyy at No. 6

FAMU reached Friday’s semifinals with a 4-1 win over Hampton University on Thursday, winning four singles matchups, featuring wins by Okungbowa at No. 1, Small at No. 3, Espinoza at No.4, and Nani at No. 5



Friday’s Semifinal * Tennis Match Results

FLORIDA A&M vs Morgan State

Apr 21, 2017 at Norfolk, Va.

FLORIDA A&M  4, Morgan State 1


Singles competition

1. OKUNGBOWA,Courage (FAMUM) def. FIELD,Jeremy (MSUM) 6-1, 6-2

2. RAMAKRISHNAN,Arjun (MSUM) def. WAITMAN,Carlos Agust (FAMUM) 6-3, 6-1

3. LABIK,Ondrej (MSUM) vs. SMALL,Karlyn (FAMUM) 6-4, 5-2, unfinished

4. ESPINOZA,Walner (FAMUM) def. KRUSINSKI,Lucas (MSUM) 6-4, 6-1

5. RAWAL,Nihit (MSUM) vs. NANI,Frederico (FAMUM) 6-3, 5-3, unfinished



Doubles competition

1. LABIK,Ondrej/RAWAL,Nihit (MSUM) vs. ESPINOZA,Walner/WAITMAN,Carlos Agust (FAMUM) 5-3, unfinished

2. OKUNGBOWA,Courage/SMALL,Karlyn (FAMUM) def. FIELD,Jeremy/KRUSINSKI,Lucas (MSUM) 6-3


Thursday’s Quarterfinal * Tennis Match Results

Hampton vs FLORIDA A&M

Apr 20, 2017 at Norfolk, Va.

FLORIDA A&M 4, Hampton 1


Singles competition

1. OKUNGBOWA,Courage (FAMUM) def. ARAOZ,Juan (HAMM) 6-4, 6-3

2. WAITMAN,Carlos Agust (FAMUM) vs. FOSTER-ESTWICK,Matt (HAMM) 4-6, 6-6, unfinished

3. SMALL,Karlyn (FAMUM) def. SHIRIN,Fedor (HAMM) 7-6, 6-1

4. ESPINOZA,Walner (FAMUM) def. HUDSON,Charles (HAMM) 6-2, 6-4

5. NANI,Frederico (FAMUM) def. ODEGBAMI,Peter (HAMM) 7-5, 6-3

6. SKOROMNYY,Illya (FAMUM) vs. THOMPSON,Luke (HAMM) 6-7, 4-4, unfinished


Doubles competition

1. ARAOZ,Juan/FOSTER-ESTWICK,Matt (HAMM) def. ESPINOZA,Walner/WAITMAN,Carlos Agust (FAMUM) 6-1

2. HUDSON,Charles/SHIRIN,Fedor (HAMM) def. OKUNGBOWA,Courage/SMALL,Karlyn (FAMUM) 6-4

3. NANI,Frederico/EVANS,Jalen (FAMUM) vs. ODEGBAMI,Peter/THOMPSON,Luke (HAMM) 2-5, unfinished

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