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Courtesy: Florida A&M Sports Information
By: Florida A&M Sports Information  

 FAMU Encourages Fans to Stay Hydrated During Football Season

 Looking ahead to Saturday’s home game against Jackson State, Florida A&M University (FAMU) Athletics is advising visitors and fans to prepare for the heat and humidity. In keeping with their focus on exceptional customer service, the athletic department has added amenities to help fans beat the heat. This year Bragg Stadium will have four “cool zones.” Each corner of the stadium will offer a misting-cooling station to provide relief from the heat. 

Football fans are encouraged to dress for the weather and wear loose, lightweight and light colored clothing along with a visor or hat.  You should stay well hydrated, drinking plenty of fluids, avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol, and take frequent breaks out of the sun. 

FAMU Athletics and Leon County Emergency Medical Service are working to ensure fans have an enjoyable and safe time in spite of the high temperatures and high humidity that will likely come with Saturday's game. In addition to EMS providers, a first aid station will be located on the east concourse for fans with minor injuries or that need respite from the extreme heat. Event personnel, EMS and first aid providers will be on the lookout for fans with heat related emergencies. 

FAMU football fans and visitors should remember the following: 

• Wear loose, lightweight clothing and a visor or hat; 

• Drink plenty of fluids even if you don’t feel thirsty (no caffeine or alcohol); 

• Stadium concession stands will be stocked with twice as much bottled water as usual; 

• Take frequent breaks out of the direct sun – check out the cooling zones; 

• Ask for assistance from emergency medical providers and first aid staff if needed; 

• Event personnel, uniformed officers and EMS will be on the lookout for fans in heat distress; and 

• Lastly, have a great time!

• On Field Access/Entry

Explanation: The playing surface at Bragg Stadium is not to be entered onto before, during or after games by any patrons who have not attained permission to do so.  In addition, all gates that lead down to the field from the stands will be locked during games.  No field access is granted to any individual that does not have an established function and is credentialed as determined by the FAMU Department of Athletics.

• Clear Bag policy

Explanation: We live in a much-changed world in terms of patron safety.  Our law enforcement partners strongly encouraged us to take this next step in fan security.  It will add to the peace of mind for fans entering the game.  To this point, Bragg Stadium was the largest venue in Tallahassee without a clear bag policy.  Even the civic center has gone to a clear bag policy.

• Name Parking signs in Bragg Discontinued

Explanation: The response from many who had signs indicated that they impeded precious tailgate space and often complicated parking.  From the athletic department’s standpoint, it would take a massive investment in new signage to secure A-frames that would stand up to normal wind conditions that continually blew them over after they had been set up.  In exchange, the parking spaces will be refreshed, so that the numbers are clearly visible on game days.

• Tailgating

There is only one major change in tailgating.  Guests in the north lot will be limited to the grass area to include both the vehicle and all tailgating items.  Neither the vehicle nor tent, grill or other tailgating items may extend onto the paved area.  Our emergency team and fire marshal have determined items blocking the paved area to be a major challenge in that emergency vehicles can’t pass to perform their services.  Therefore, no items can extend beyond the grass area when tailgating in the North lot.

• North End Zone Policies:


1) Security will be enhanced exponentially.  We want to ensure that those individuals who invested in the North End Zone entry in their Investing in Champions packages are not crowded in the area by those who have not invested.  We will implement an enhanced entry system, where security will be present at the only two openings to access the North End Zone Club.  The North End Zone is being redone to answer concerns of patrons.  We have eliminated the uneven terrain and areas that hold water by paving the entire North End Zone

2) Each person will be given three (3) drink tickets upon entering the North End Zone.  This is an effort to curtail intoxication.  Additional tickets may be attained one at a time thereafter by retreiving them from the North End Zone attendant.

• No Drone Policy

Explanation: We coordinate with the FAA and the Tallahassee International Airport tower when we occupy the airspace above Bragg Memorial Stadium.  With our proximity less than five (5) miles from the airport, it is crucial to maintain consistency in our airspace as routes may take planes within our airspace above Bragg Stadium.  In addition, falling drones and drones with harmful intentions have become an issue of concern for law enforcement.  TPD will be authorized to use their techniques of disabling drones in the airspace above Bragg Stadium, which may include total destruction of drones in the Bragg Memorial Stadium footprint.  Anyone wishing to request permission to fly over Bragg Stadium will need to request permission and receive it in writing from FAMU Athletics.  To inquire, present an email to for consideration.

• ADA Relocation

Explanation:  With the new year comes the relocation of the ADA lots and the ADA parking system.  ADA parking will be at the FAMU Welcome Center (north of the Villages).  The overflow for ADA parking will be at the SBI parking lot.  ADA parking at the stadium is sold out.  ADA parking for the welcome center lot are available at the FAMU Ticket Office and the Welcome Center. Shuttles will transport patrons from the ADA lots to and from the stadium.

Directions to Bragg Memorial Stadium

From Tallahassee Regional Airport: 

•Exit right, go east until you reach first traffic light (Springhill Road).

•Make left onto Springhill Road and continue north until you reach Orange Avenue. 

•Follow Orange on the right to Wahnish Way. 

•Go left on Wahnish about 1/2 mile until you reach campus. 

•Stadium will be on left.

From I-10 West or East: 

•Take U.S. 27 Tallahassee Exit (North Monroe Street).

•Follow Monroe Street south for about five (5) miles until you pass the Florida Capitol Building on right. 

•Go south to FAMU Way, where you make a right turn.

•Continue west on FAMU Way, cross Adams Street and drive until you reach a traffic light (Wahnish Way). 

•Go left on Wahnish, go through one traffic light. Stadium will be on right about 1/4 mile.

From Atlanta and points North:

•Take U.S. 319 South through Thomasville, Ga.

•Continue south on U.S. 319 past Interstate 10 into Tallahassee.

•Take left on U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) south. Travel past the Florida State Capitol complex.

•Continue south on Monroe Street to FAMU Way.

•Make right on FAMU Way, cross Adams Street and travel west to Wahnish Way.

•Go left on Wahnish, go through one traffic light. Stadium will be on right about 1/4 mile.

From the South:

•Go North on I-75 (from Turnpike or Orlando) or North on I-95 (From Daytona or Miami) until you reach I-10.

•Go West on I-10 until you get to the US27 exit.

•Take left on U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) south. Travel past the Florida State Capitol complex.

•Continue south on Monroe Street to FAMU Way.

•Make right on FAMU Way, cross Adams Street and travel west to Wahnish Way.

•Go left on Wahnish, go through one traffic light. Stadium will be on right about 1/4 mile.



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